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Rochester Rd 5075
48085, Troy
+1 248-562-2031

Opening hours

  • Monday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 2:00 – 8:00 PM
  • Thursday: 11:30 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

TITLE Boxing Club in Troy, MI offers boxing and kickboxing-style fitness classes that are perfect for all skill levels. Challenge your entire body and mind with one of our HIIT workouts. Sign up for a free first-time class today!

5075 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085 248-562-2031 Open Today: 11:30am - 8:00pm Monday: 9:00am - 8:00pm Tuesday: 11:30am - 8:00pm Wednesday: 2:00pm - 8:00pm Thursday:11:30am - 8:00pm Friday: 9:00am - 6:30pm Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm Sunday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Domonique started boxing at a young age at the renowned Kronk Gym. He is now a champion boxer with a professional record of 22-3. 13 of his 22 wins were knockouts! If you’d like to experience a high-level boxer teaching you the nuances of the sport, come take his class at TITLE! Domonique believes boxing is fun to learn, and it gets you mentally and physically fit. Get the stress out, become more agile and improve your fitness. A win-win-win! As he continues his professional boxing career, Domonique has found a home at TITLE to show members exactly this!

Mitchell Paperd has been consistently training martial arts since 2018. He began competing in jiu jitsu while training kickboxing and Muay Thai. He learned nothing is easy at first, but if you have the drive and hunger the skills will come. He is confident that his passion for the sport will give others the fuel that they need to push forward.

David has been an avid martial arts enthusiast and trained athlete since his childhood. He began training in kickboxing ten years ago while completing a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary health science. Currently working in special education as a behavior therapist, David’s martial arts, boxing, and teaching skills continue to positively impact everyone around him. David is passionate about teaching and helping others find their true power!

Growing up Monir excelled playing football and basketball. He played for multiple youth leagues, captaining several teams too. In 2012 and again in 2017, he was named league “Most Valuable Player” as he led his football teams playing quarterback in league championship games. He is now a Mechanical Engineering Student and a Combat Sports enthusiast. He began combat sports very early and ultimately fell in love with boxing. Now, after averaging almost 8 classes and 15+ hours a week for over a year while enduring countless hours of personal training, he has found not only a new passion in boxing but a new home at TITLE. To experience his love, passion and dedication to the sport, just take one of his classes at TITLE!

Rey has a stunning background in martial arts and fitness with over 20 years of experience instructing and helping people achieve peak physical and mental fitness with professional experience in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA – Eskrima), Muay Thai, TKD, Boxing, and Traditional Kickboxing.

My why:I became a trainer at TITLE Boxing Club because Martial Arts is my Passion. I also love teaching and helping people learn the benefits of Martial Arts both physically and mentally.

What gives me my fighting spirit:My fighting spirit comes from having health and fitness as a pivotal point in my life. Being a nurse, I see how important these aspects of life are and want not only to personally indulge in them but help others as well.

Emily has had a passion for various sports from a young age. She played soccer, basketball, and volleyball. She was an all-state competitive swimmer. An athlete is who she is at heart and being active is in her blood. She fell in love with boxing the first time she tried it and has pretty much lived at TITLE Boxing club since, taking classes and private training 6 out of 7 days a week!  Her passion now is to show each and every member she touches how boxing can help them both physically and mentally.

Growing up in a blue-collar household, Marco learned the value of working hard for the things you want in life. Those same lessons appeared during his high school experience as a wrestler, helping him to become an All-State athlete. His competitive nature lead him to Jiu Jitsu and when he won his first competition, he was hooked. He joined an MMA gym to train in MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and Boxing, winning multiple medals, 3 amateur MMA belts and 1 pro title. What drives Marco is the challenge of understanding martial arts & applying his lessons to the fullest extent, all while keeping the blue-collar mentality. He believes nothing will get done unless you work for it, using your hands to shape your destiny and your feet to keep moving forward.

Kole started Boxing, Karate and Kick Boxing at age 8. He competed in 51 countries during his childhood and won 1st place in tournaments for Kickboxing and Muay Thai. He has a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and a 3rd degree black belt in American Free Style. Before moving to Michigan, he spent 9 years in Kansas training professional MMA fighters in MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. His fighting record stands at an impressive 60 wins and 8 losses between Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

My why:I grew up with this sport. And because of that, I love it. It's not because I've made a lot of money from winning. Honestly, I've gotten more hits to the face than anything else. I teach because I simply love it.

Elaine has been at TITLE Boxing Club for about 4 months.  She was competitive in high school and college and… Read More

While our clubs across the country have been busy building your strength and confidence, we’ve also been spotted on the news, in magazines and online – and people can’t seem to get enough of our growing brand! Check it out for yourself!

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out in a while or have never boxed before, you can finish the workout feeling great! You’ll see that everyone goes at their own pace, but believe us that once you’re here, you’ll be inspired to give it your very best!

No—not ever! Each person in class has their own heavy bag to workout on, plus their own space to move around the bag. Trust us, you won’t even realize anyone else is in the class because you’ll be so focused on the workout! And, rest easy, we never allow sparring or fighting at TITLE Boxing Club.

Boxing is a great workout, perhaps one of the most challenging of all sports, and we want to bring you the intensity of the training, minus the impact. We’ll teach you how to roll with the punches by pushing you further than you thought possible.

You bet! All of our classes are taught by instructors who will show you the ropes from the beginning. We’ll help you wrap your hands and walk you through the basic fundamentals. Everyone in class is at a different level, so take a deep breath and go at your own pace!

We do not offer childcare services at TITLE Boxing Club. However, children over the age of eight are welcome to work out with you here and join as a member! Ask us about our Family Membership options.

Hand wraps are essential for your protection and mandatory for class. You can bring your own or buy them here. We’ll have gloves for you to borrow your first time, and you might want to bring a bottle of water and towel! Plan on arriving 20 minutes early so we can get you settled and wrap your hands.

5075 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085 248-562-2031


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TITLE Boxing Club Troy: Opinions

Renee Mitchell 6 months ago

Awesome classes taught by great instructors. I especially love Marco, Emily, Monir and Destin. Very motivational, classes are fun and time goes by very quickly.

Heather Tolliver 9 months ago

Great workout! The trainers are legit and every class is a little different . I actually look forward to working out!

Jen Thom 9 months ago

The owner is nice and understanding with finances only reason I adjusted my review from one to four stars.Kelsey needs more training because when you try to cancel that policy and tell her about your finances she does not care she’s all about money. She was super while signing on board. During covid time I recommend being more compassionate towards members you never know they may want to comeback.

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